Top Types of Wedding Dresses You Should Know

When planning your wedding, one of the most important things you will look for is the wedding dress. Probably, you have an idea of how you want to look – fitted? Flowy? A little bit of both? Knowing how to describe your desired gown will come in handy when you work with your stylist. This guide is meant to help to understand the differences between the popular wedding dress silhouettes that you definitely want. Although we recommend trying multiple types, this guide will help you describe your wedding gown into words.

Ball Gown

bridal partyIf you dream to have your fairytale moment, then this is the perfect silhouette for you. In fact, ball gowns are some of the classic wedding dresses that can give you the Cinderella effect on your big day. This type of gown has a fitted bodice with a full skirt that appears like romantic champagne. The fact that the skirt glides over the lower torso and hips, the dress is perfect for brides who need to cinch in the waist.


The sheath wedding dress skims the body and gets to the floor below the hips. This is ideal for brides who need an effortless gown as it needs less fabric as compared to other silhouettes. Thus, they are a bit easy to move around. What the sheath wedding dress does not have is the volume that makes up for the versatility. It works great with nearly all types of fabric.


You should consider A-line as your halfway point between a ball gown and sheath silhouettes. It is named from the fact that it creates an ‘A’ body shape. It flares out at the waist, but not in a dramatic manner as the ball gown. This silhouette is perfect for all styles. It does not matter whether the wedding is beachy, bohemian, or anything in between. The wedding dress features lace, tulle, or organza.


wedding bride dressThis type of wedding dress is known to be flirtatious. That is because it is extremely fitted through the bodice, hips, and waist. Thus, if you want to show your hips during the wedding day, you should not look any further. Ideally, a mermaid gown will accentuate what you have got or create an illusion of hourglass shape for brides with slim figures. It is an attention-grabbing wedding dress that flares out at the knees. It is advisable to pair it with ruching, ruffled skirts, and beading to have a wow factor.

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