cat bed

There are many things to look at when purchasing cat beds. Safety and comfort are among the primary and basic features any cat bed should offer. In this article, we are going to discuss more features to be considered when you visit collection for cat beds.

Styles of the Cat Bed

There are different types of cat beds as listed below:

Enclosed and Covered Beds

enclosed and covered cat bedsThis style is very common, and all pet owners can get them. It has a small opening but a very comfortable and soft interior. In addition to that, the enclosed beds have heaters making them the best selection during the cold season.

Radiator Beds

This type of beds has a heater placed underneath. They are very cozy. The heater beneath is covered with fabric to prevent burning of the pet. During the summer, there is no need to heat the bed hence the heater can be removed and safely stored until the next cold season.


The best cat beds should be easy to clean. If this is the case, you can be assured that it will last longer. If you can get a bed with removable pads and covers, then your cleaning with be simple and easy.

Basket Bed

cat bed, sleeping catBasket beds are best used during the summer. It is open, just like a basket and has a mattress and cushioned pad in the inside. Since the summers are hot, the pet requires a lot of air flow, and this bed makes that possible in the best way.



The material used to make the bed should be of the highest quality and comfortable. It is this material which determines if the cat will love sleeping on the bed or not. The best and most commonly used materials are fleece, cotton, denim, and velvet. These materials can be washed in the machine, and they are very comfortable.

Size of the Cat

size of the catThe size of the cat determines the size of the bed. The bed should not be so big or too small for your pet. Since cats love small and enclosed spaces, find a design that gives your cat precisely that. You could buy beds with small openings but note that cats do not like wide and open beds like dogs.

cat and dog

A lot of people take pets to be mess producers in their homes. Many people do not welcome them for different reasons. What they do not know is that by inviting pets to enter your life and home, you reap significant health benefits.

Benefits of pets to your health

Improve your mood

Pets can amazingly cheer you up and chase away the blues no mattman with dogser how moody you may be. Pets provide companionship and love that is unconditional, which help to decrease depressive symptoms. They possess the power to take away worries, loneliness, and all your stress. Pets can take kids place (if you do not have any), and be the one to brighten your mood each day. When you come into contact with pets, there is a release of endorphins that helps in killing pain and increase mood.

Reduce blood pressure

Pets can reduce your stress, which in turn, helps in keeping your blood pressure down.

Unconditional love

Pets are not just toys. Just like humans, pets are very much capable of giving honest affection to their masters. This love is seen through the way they act when you are around, how they follow your instructions, and from the way they play with you. In the case of dogs, they show their affection through the way they protect you from all the harm that may come to you.

Reduce allergy and boost immunity

Owning a pet as a child improves immunity and decreases allergies. Studies show that having a pet in your household reduces allergies by 30% in children. Research also shows that kids raised exposed to household pets have more robust immune systems in future.

Good for the kids

Apart from boosting the kids’ immune system, owning a pet at home can increase the intellectual development of kids, improve nurturing behaviors, and self-worth. Recent research also shows that having a pet can make kids more resilient to the death of their loved ones.

Increase lifespan and sociability

It is shown that isolated and depressed people live an average of eight years less that walking dogstheir peers who are emotionally stable. Owning a pet (a dog in this case) is a superb way to interact with people. Whether it is in your dog’s walk, or in a dog park, bringing up a conversation becomes much easier with a pet in a tug.

There are pet therapy programs in hospitals because they help patients recover quickly, on less medication, and at a less cost. Patients return home sooner, happier with their overall health improved.