Recruitment Process

Recruiters have to identify the right method that will allow them get the best candidate. For success in an organization, recruitment has to ensure the best candidate who will help build the company. Using technology will be best for recruiting workers on any level. This is because it provides increased proficiency and allows the recruiter store applicants information for future use.

How to use technology in the recruitment process

Company-hosted site

A company may create a site where applicants will set up their profiles, attach dfdgfhghjgdgfhjghgffgjhghthe necessary documentation and make their applications quickly. When using a company hosted site, the company has full access and can customize the site at will. Customization ensures the recruiter can sort thousands of applications by simply using phrases or keywords. Applicants can also occasionally access the site and update their information for future opportunities.

Third party sites

Some companies may opt to use third party job posting sites like LinkedIn. These sites can help draw applicants to company hosted sites. Thus they are recommended. Using these third-party sites is, however, expensive and the package that a company wants will determine the cost.

Candidate research

Use of technology helps narrow down the list of applicants. This is because most people may feel uncomfortable knowing that their details are posted to the public. Using site will help you log into particulars of the applicants before reviewing their applications. Getting to search the names of the candidates on various social media platforms reveals more about them.

Pre- employment tests

The easiest way to allow for pre-interview of applicants is by using technology. Applicants are tested and rated automatically. Results are also sent to the applicants immediately. These web-based tests help the recruiter to assess the applicants prior to receiving their applications.


Technology has recently been used in interviewing candidates. Interviewers want to see the faces of the applicants to judge their facial expressions. Using some applications like ghgjgfjdgjfdfhkdfdjhkdfjskdfhdfjgkfSkype will make successive interviews easier to the recruiters. This will also save money as you do not have to get to the business for an interview. Above all, it saves time for both the applicant and the recruiter.

Technology is growing each day, and you should make the most out of it. You should stay up-to-date with the trends in technology and the systems therein. With these handy, you will find it easier recruiting the right employee.