Reasons to purchase a collapsible bike

Collapsible bikes have been around for a couple of years, but they had played second fiddle to the full-sized bike. Probably because they were as heavy and cumbersome as regular bikes used to be, plus the extra work of the folding process. However these days it is a different story. Bicycle technology has evolved hence making the collapsible bike today light, robust and agile. Patent hinges and custom fittings have made them safe and fun to ride and the folding process quick and easy. Below are some great reasons why you should purchase a folding bike:

It gives you freedom

In most areas, there are fantastic locations to ride a bike. These incollapsible bikecludes parks, roadways with wide shoulders or paved paths. The predicament is that you often pass these places while your bike is at home. If you discover one of these areas with your folding bike in your trunk, you can park the vehicle and start to ride your collapsible bike immediately. It is simple to take a quick ride when you have some free time. This kind of freedom cannot be achieved with a traditional bicycle.

It is easy to ride

Everyone can ride a bike. There is no license required, and there is usually a minimum of regulations. If you have to ride one ensure that you always have a helmet on. The helmet will play a great role in protecting you in case of an accident when riding. Most cyclist fatalities are the cause of head injuries.

They are economical

There is no expensive fuel to buy and no special parking or garage needed. You also don’t have to pay license fees or vehicle registration. They are great in traffic, and you do not have to pay for parking space or garaging.

You take them with you

bikeThese kind of bikes are fully functional, light, compact cycles that can go with you almost anywhere you want to be. That combination of features is hard to match and can absolutely come in handy if you need an effortless way to move around, travel a short distance or just enjoy the environment while riding.

They are also a good choice if you live in an apartment or a home with little storage space. Once folded these bikes can easily be fit in a closet or next to you in a bus or train at any time.

They are good for your health

Riding a bike is a fruitful workout, unlike other methods like jogging, but it is still good cardio-vascular exercise. You also get to inhale some fresh air while outside riding.

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