a quality sleep

Ideally, you should get enough sleep time of 8 hours per day, in general, humans will spend a third of their age on the bed. Long enough, right? Conscious or not you do spend a lot of time in the bedroom, especially on the mattress. Therefore, mattresses that you use every day undoubtedly affect the smooth running of our daily activities.

A quality mattress will also improve the quality of your sleep. The better the quality of sleep every night, the more productive you will be during the day.

That is why it is not wrong to declare a mattress as one of the long-term investments because usually you will use the same bed for ten years and of course it will affect our health in the future.

Your Comfort Is Your Top Priority

Your comfort is supposed to be your top consideration when you want to buy a new mattress. You will not get a quality sleep if the bed causes discomfort to you. So when you choose a mattress, it’s essential to try sitting or sleeping on it. It’s not unusual to try a bed in a shop before buying it.

A person’s needs will depend on the shape and weight of the body, so make sure you feel comfortable by trying the mattress before buying it. Or, you can check online reviews before you purchase a new bed. For example, try to visit the best Intellibed review of 2018. You’ll learn in detail about that new brand in the market.

If you can’t find a comfortable position after trying to sit or lie on it, that might not be the right mattress for you. You should try another type or model of mattress. Your choice of a bed will not cure insomnia or disease that makes it difficult for you to sleep, but a mattress that is not comfortable or not according to your needs will add to the sleep problem.

One more thing that you might need to pay attention to is the comfort. If you sleep with your partner, you need to invite your partner to choose the mattress to buy. Therefore you and your partner can ensure that the purchased mattress is comfortable and sufficient for both of you.

Pay Attention to the Bed’s Size

quality sleepConsider more than one mattress size. Even though you sleep alone, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a single size bed. If you need a large surface to increase sleep comfort, choose a mattress with a double size.

It must be remembered that size not only means width but also the height of the mattress. Ideally, the bed must be 10 to 15 cm taller than your height.

No universal standard regulates the size or name of the type of case, so there is nothing that guarantees the use of the terms King, Queen, Double, King Single or Single between one brand and another brand referring to the same size. Each mattress manufacturer has a different size system.

Get a Fair Deal

comfortable mattressThe best mattress is not always the most expensive, but maybe not the cheapest. Remember, the possibility of low prices will reduce the comfort level of the bed.

You can ask other people’s opinions about a product or see product reviews if you intend to buy them online.

Many models and brands of mattresses are on the market these days. You can find a choice of bed based on the materials and cushioning fabrics such as cotton mattresses, spring beds, latex mattresses, and memory foam.

The most popular material currently is spring bed mattress, but before buying, it’s a good idea to check the quality of springs that hold the foam. You want a bed that can support your body structure perfectly.


It is popular to see various modern replica furniture at home, office or eatery and accommodation centers. We can say they are elegant, inspired and a mix of mid-century and today’s concepts. Chairs and tables are the most replicated designer furniture in the world. Top replica manufacturers have always taken advantage of loopholes in the laws that regulates them depending on different countries. In fact, most countries did not haves a problem with the replicas until 2016.

A look at the modern replica designer furniture

The original Furniture

piano and chairWhen the designers made their designs and started selling the furniture, most of them did not know much about the patent of the original idea. When they were enlightened and took the step, all the European countries, and Scandinavian countries gave them a parent of 25 years only. During this period, they were all protected, and no one could replicate or sell their designs without involving them. These means that all the popular designers like Wegner and Jacobsen could directly enjoy from their creativity.

How replicas came in

Most of the designers did their first work in the mid 20 century. Considering that they were only granted 25 years protection of their work, then there was a loophole in the 70s. Most countries did not consider extending the patent. With this, many companies in the UK and Denmark started replicating and selling the great designers work. There was no law barring them from doing it.

The Effect

The immediate effect was that the original designers could not enjoy all their designs as some could not even understand which companies were making their work. A designer in Denmark or Germany could only hear of a company in the UK replicating their work. The companies were vigorous and could sell to various parts of the world with ease. Another effect was that they could change the dimensions of the furniture to fit various clients need.

dining roomThis had a big impact on the original idea of the furniture.Today most replica furniture only resemble the original one slightly as they incorporate other concepts to make hybrids. Materials also change depending on the availability per region where the furniture is made.

New rules

Well, today there are new rules that regulate the making and selling of the designer furniture. As a matter of fact, all except affected countries except Ireland a have in the year 2016 amended the patent on designer furniture to cover 70 years. Ireland still holds at 25 years and therefore it is still legal to make and sell the replicas.